3 October 2019
Beneficial insects in organic greenhouses

Workshop for growers at Northdown Orchard, Hants

23 October 2019
Soil nutrient management

A workshop with Mark Measures

17 September 2019
The Diversification Cluster web page has been launched!

Six Horizon 2020 projects are working together in the crop diversification cluster

10 September 2019
Agroforestry benefits natural enemies and pollinators

Evaluating the effects of integrating trees into temperate arable systems on pest control and pollination

21 March 2019
In adversity, what are farmers doing to be more resilient?

Opportunities, barriers and constraints in organic techniques helping to improve the sustainability of conventional farming

New approaches to arable crop cultivation & cover crops

The latest from the TILMAN-ORG project, presenting results from long-term, EU-wide tillage and cover crop trials. An opportunity to consider making changes in the approach on the home farm.
Christophe Davide (ISARA): Chair

Paul Mäder (FiBL):
Overview of the TILMAN-ORG project
Marion Casagrande (INRA) and Joséphine Peigné (ISARA): Conservation agriculture in organic farming diversity of practices and motivations of European farmers
Julia Cooper (Newcastle University): Using reduced tillage and green manures in organic systems – what is the research telling us?

GMOs: recent developments & organic breeding alternatives

The recent GM wheat trial has raised familiar issues and re-awakened concerns in many people.
This session will consider the trial and other developments and place them in a context of political
inappropriateness. A key part of the session will be the presentation of viable alternative approaches.
Bruce Pearce (ORC): Chair

Pete Riley (GM Freeze): Overview of recent developments and challenges
Lawrence Woodward (GM Education): What is wrong with GM in research terms and politically
Thomas Döring (ORC): Alternative approaches and lessons from ORC research

Weed control in arable crops

Weed control in organic agriculture does not depend on a single strike approach. It is much more effective to consider weed control at every stage of the crop production process. This session uses the idea of 'Many Little Hammers' to illustrate this approach before looking at two of the ‘little hammers’ in more detail. (Organised by Organic Arable)
Andrew Trump (Organic Arable): Chair

Andrew Trump (Organic Arable):
Many little hammers – the idea

Andrew Trump will introduce the idea of ‘Many Little Hammers’ to weed control, i.e. that we need several different approaches to weed control within our farming systems in order to manage weeds effectively.

Jonathan Storkey and David Brooks (Rothamsted): Many little hammers – hitting where it hurts!
John Pawsey (Shimpling Park Farms Ltd): Managing winter wild oats

Prohibited product contamination of organic cereals

Bruce Pearce (ORC): Chair

Lawrence Woodward (Whole Organic Plus):
The limitations of the proposed reforms and impacts on producers
James Winpenny (Defra): Initial responses to the Defra Consultation on Defra’s Proposed Protocols