3 October 2019
Beneficial insects in organic greenhouses

Workshop for growers at Northdown Orchard, Hants

23 October 2019
Soil nutrient management

A workshop with Mark Measures

17 September 2019
The Diversification Cluster web page has been launched!

Six Horizon 2020 projects are working together in the crop diversification cluster

10 September 2019
Agroforestry benefits natural enemies and pollinators

Evaluating the effects of integrating trees into temperate arable systems on pest control and pollination

21 March 2019
In adversity, what are farmers doing to be more resilient?

Opportunities, barriers and constraints in organic techniques helping to improve the sustainability of conventional farming

Organic seeds and breeding for organic growers

This session will report on current developments in research and explore the potential for growing the UK organic seed sector and the development of participatory plant breeding. (Organised by OGA)
Ben Raskin (Soil Association): Chair

Louisa Winkler (ORC): The latest work on sustainable, organic and low input breeding from the SOLIBAM project
Peter Brinch (Open Pollinated Seeds):
Organic seeds and breeding for organic growers, a participatory approach.
René Groenen (Biodynamic grower):
Organic seed production

Innovations in grower tools and cultivation approaches

Featuring a range of innovative tools and ideas as well as showing how to modify old kit. Discussion topics will include relevance and practicality of the innovations presented. (Organised by OGA)
Alan Schofield (Organic Growers Alliance): Chair

Video shorts: Innovations from the USA
Roger Hitchings (ORC): Eliot Coleman’s approach to tools and equipment
Iain Tolhurst (Tolhurst Organic Growers): Innovations in growers’ tools

Systems resilience for weather extremes

Weather extremes are tending to become the norm. Vegetable production is a tough job at the best of times so it is becoming more important to plan for extremes by modifying production systems to be more resilient. (Organised by OGA)
Roger Hitchings (ORC): Chair

Sam Eglinton (Garden Farm Produce): Energy flow in ecosystems: improving yields and profitability
Martin Wolfe (ORC): Moderating extremes using agroforestry
Iain Tolhurst (Tolhurst Organic Produce): How to create a resilient system

CSAs & other community-based opportunities for growers

CSAs can take several forms but essentially they are either community-led or grower-led. A look at how grower-led CSAs work and what advantages they can bring to an organic vegetable business.
(Organised by OGA and OCW)
Phil Sumption (Garden Organic): Chair

Roger Hitchings (ORC): CSA survival guide
Ben Raskin (Soil Association): Grower led CSAs in England
Mike Westrip (Rhos Market Garden): A growing experience of community support