14 July 2020
Land sharing and sparing

OF&G and Agricology webinar

6 September 2021
Organic World Congress 2021

New date! Postponed from September 2020

3 July 2020
Environmental Land Management: consultation reopens

Interactive online seminars throughout July

29 June 2020
Benefits and challenges of herbal or diverse leys

Opportunities for farmer involvement

29 April 2020
Tim Bennett is the new Chair of ORC

Former NFU president takes on chairmanship of Organic Research Centre

Current animal health and welfare issues: management, vet. advice and tools

Animal health continues to be an important topic for livestock farmers with implications for farm
productivity and certification. This session will look at on-farm problems from both sides (vet and farmer) and will present the latest developments in welfare assessment from the Assurewel project
Katharine Leach (ORC): Chair

Peter Plate (Vet): Holistic approaches to a range of on-farm problems
Neil Edwards (farmer): Discussions of farm approaches
approach with Peter Plate as his vet

Jessica Stokes (Soil Association): AssureWel: promoting uptake of welfare outcome assessment

High organic concentrate feed costs: challenges and solutions

This session seeks to de-mystify the costs of feeding concentrates and to present viable alternatives. Adaptation is a key strategy element in dealing with current problems.
Chair Stephen Clarkson

Susanne Padel (ORC): The real significance of feed costs to costs of production
Graham Vallis (Producer): Strategies to reduce concentrate use in milk production

‘Organic farming is easy – it’s making a living from dairy farming that is difficult.’ A low cost, low risk farming system is more robust where grazed grass, the cornerstone of dairying serves the purpose best.

Becky Nelder (ORC): An introduction to the ICOPP project - improved contribution of local feed to support 100% organic feed supply to pigs/poultry

Decertification the only option? Facing current financial challenges

Times are tough, demand is down and costs are higher, but is de-certification the way out? Are organic farms really performing badly financially? The reality is often different as a new financial report from the Soil Association and ORC (in preparation) and an in-depth look at arable and dairy costs show. (Organised by Soil Association)
Simon Crichton (Triodos Bank): Chair

Nic Lampkin (ORC): How does organic really compare with conventional in financial terms?
William Waterfield (Consultant): Arable input costs
Geoffrey Sayers (Carswell Farms/Well Hung Meat): Financial realities on the farm

EU Organic Regulation changes: implications for poultry producers

The development of EU organic poultry regulations has required much time and discussion, but they are still not finalized. What are the latest signals from Brussels and how will they affec producers?
Becky Nelder (ORC): Chair

Chris Atkinson (Soil Association): EU Regulation changes – the process and IFOAM position
Nic Lampkin (ORC): The EU expert group’s report and recommendations on poultry standards
Richard Kempsey (Stonegate): A producer perspective on the effects of possible changes