18 May 2020
5th European Agroforestry Conference

Nuoro, Sardinia. Call for abstracts

7 July 2020
OF&G National Organic Combinable Crops 2020

NOCC20 will take place on John Pawsey’s Shimpling Park Farm in Suffolk

26 February 2020
Organic seed and organic heterogeneous material

Proposal for a toolbox for identification and description of organic heterogeneous material

22 February 2020
Help people to bake a better future, one loaf at a time

The 11th annual international Real Bread Week runs from 22 February to 1 March

21 January 2020
Organic Research Centre starts 40th year at new headquarters

ORC is now operational from Trent Lodge in Cirencester.

OELS/OHLS new options in 2013

Several changes have been made to the English Environmental Stewardship scheme with some options downgraded, others improved and some new ones of high relevance to organic producers. This session will explore the changes and the opportunities for OELS and OHLS participants.
Peter Melchett (Soil Association): Chair

Steve Bellingham (Natural England): Overview of the scheme changes
Alison Smyth (Abacus): Making use of the new options creatively to support your organic system
Caroline Corsie (Lower Smite Farm): What’s the wildlife benefit and impact on my management regimes?

CAP Reform: Latest developments and Defra implementation plans

The CAP Reform plans are slowly taking shape, with budgetary decisions affecting possible future options. Implementation may however be delayed until 2015 and uncertainty surrounds the transition process. This session will provide an update on recent CAP reform developments and examine the implications for UK organic support.
Nic Lampkin (ORC): Chair

Christopher Stopes (IFOAM EU Group): CAP reform from the perspective of EU organic/environmental movements
Rob Macklin (National Trust): Implementing CAP reform in the UK – key issues
Kevin Ruston (Defra): Defra’s preliminary plans for organic support in England after CAP reform

Anaerobic digestion: farm-scale options & digestate use

Anaerobic digestion continues to invite interest and comment with larger scale systems tending to show greater promise. This session will report on developments in small-scale systems and the role of AD in nutrient cycling.

Laurence Smith (ORC) Chair:

Dr Kurt Möller (University of Hohenheim): Effects of AD on nutrient cycles and availability
Dr Clare Lukehurst (Task 37): Small-scale farm anaerobic digestion
Richard Tomlinson (Calon Wen): On-farm AD: a farmer’s experience

Making farming more sustainable: tools for the job

This session seeks to improve the understanding of what sustainable farming and growing is really about, to explain the use of the tools available, and to motivate farmers and advisers to use them. (Organised by IOTA)

Mark Measures (IOTA): Chair

William Waterfield (Consultant): Farm assessments to develop organic farming sustainability
Laurence Smith (ORC): Carbon benchmarking tools and how they help reduce energy and emissions
Christine Watson (SRUC): Nutrient budgeting for rotations, manures and mineral fertilisers