10 May 2017
Tree fodder: food for thought?

Does tree fodder have a role to play in today’s livestock farming in the UK?

22 June 2017
Agroforestry 2017

Improving productivity for farmers and foresters

20 April 2017
Innovative Farmers now free to join

Easier access to innovation as membership fees scrapped

19 April 2017
Sustainability of permaculture, organic and conventional farms

Seeking farms for sustainability assessments

1 February 2017
The future of UK organic support

Defra minister announces continued support post-Brexit

Dr. Catherine Gerrard

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Gerrard, C.L., Smith, J., Nelder, R., Bright, A., Colley, M., Clements, R., Pearce, B., (2015) 100% Organic Poultry Feed: Can Algae Replace Soybean Expeller in Organic Broiler Diets?, Organic Farming, 1(1):38-45

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Other publications

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Previous research in the field of Solar Physics

My previous research papers are listed amongst the full list of Solar Theory Group (University of St Andrews) publications at http://www-solar.mcs.st-and.ac.uk.