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HAWL bursaries

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31 July 2019

Bursaries offered for three-day homoeopathy courses

Homoeopathy At Wellie Level (HAWL) is a not for profit organisation, teaching farmers the responsible and effective use of homoeopathy for their own animals, with a view to improving general health.

This year they have four bursaries to offer. In the next six months they plan two 'away' courses, one in North Devon (Holsworthy) beginning on September 18th and two in SW Wales (St Clears area) to be held next Spring. They would like to offer two bursaries for each of these three-day courses.

The criteria to be met are:

  • Small family farm, over 50 acres (though that is not a deal breaker)
  • Little previous knowledge of homoeopathy
  • Offer antibiotic records for the last two years
If awarded the bursary the applicant would need to agree:
  • To pay 200 for the course (usual price 450)
  • To attend all three days of the course
  • To produce antibiotic records for the last at least two years
  • To submit antibiotic records for 2020, 2021 and 2022
  • To keep a journal of progress after the course to be submitted in 2020
  • To write a report on progress for the ARH directors and for the ARH Magazine at a date to be agreed.

Applicants should email Christine Lees in the first instance. chris@hawl.co.uk They should give a short summary of themselves, their farm and their reasons for wanting to take the course. Applications by 18th August as the Devon course begins on 18th Sept. Venue is Holsworthy in N Devon.

Keywords: homoeopathy

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