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2 May 2018
Intercropping in arable systems

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18 April 2018
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Intercropping field day

7 June 2017

Does intercropping provide an untapped opportunity for enhancing arable farming systems?

Venue: Shimpling Park Farm, Shimpling, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP29 4HY

Growing crops together in arable systems offers the potential for more efficient resource utilisation, reducing pest and disease pressure and better competition with weeds. This workshop aims to bring together researchers and farmers who are innovating with intercropping in its different forms, and those who are interested to learn more. Providing an opportunity to share experiences, challenges and identify research needs.

As much of the innovation around intercropping is happening on farm, farmers are invited to share photos and learnings from their own experiences.

Hosted by John Pawsey at Shimpling Park Farm, this is a great opportunity to meet other farmers and researchers, including farmers from across Europe in the OK-Net Arable farmer innovation group network, who share an interest in intercropping.

We will discuss the opportunities and challenges of growing multiple crops together in an arable system including companion cropping, bi-cropping, undersowing and agroforestry.

The day will include:

  • Farm tour with John Pawsey (Shimpling Park Farm): Using System Cameleon combi drill and hoe for establishing and managing intercrops. Peas and barley, buckwheat in spring oats, wheat and beans.
  • Researchers and farmers sharing learning's from the field, including Andy Howard, Nuffield Scholar on Intercropping, Dominic Amos, ORC.
  • Five minute slots for farmers to share photos and learnings, Q&A.

Topics will include; Crop planning, species selection and combinations; Establishment and management; Harvest, separation and markets; Benefits, challenges and trade-offs.

The event is held in conjunction with the DIVERSify project, which aims to optimise the performance of crop species mixtures (‘plant teams’) as a means to improve yield stability, reduce pest and disease damage, and enhance stress resilience in agricultural systems.

As much of the innovation with intercropping is happening in farmers’ fields this day is a great opportunity for sharing experiences and insights. If you are interested to give a short talk about what you are doing on your own farm, share photos and open up to discussion with the group, please contact Katie Bliss

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£15 (Including VAT) to cover the costs of lunch, tea and coffee. Please book by 2nd June 2017. To book, please click here or contact

Additional visits

NB This event is part of a series of exchange visits between organic farmers across Europe in the OK-Net Arable network. If you are interested there is also an opportunity to join the participating farmers on other parts of the study tour. We will visit:

  • Martin Wolfe, Wakelyns Agroforestry IP21 5SD at 5.30pm on 7th June. The farm visit will include; silvoarable alley cropping, composite cross wheat populations and intercropping camelina with lentils. We will drive there directly from Shimpling Park Farm.
  • We will also visit the NIAB Innovation Farm, CB24 9NZ, from 10-11.30am on 8th June

Please contact Katie Bliss for more details/to reserve a place on these additional visits.

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