22 August 2017
NFU Organic Forum Dairy and Livestock open day

On-farm event hosted by John Alpe, Lancashire

29 August 2017
Assessing the health of your soil

GREATsoils Trial Demonstration: Tolhurst Organics

16 August 2017
Accelerating the transition to robust potato varieties

Dutch organic sector showing the way

11 August 2017
Tree to Heat: Making the most of on-farm woody resources

Report from Wakelyns Agroforestry workshop

16 August 2017
Promoting crop diversification in European agriculture

A major 5-year European project ˗ DiverIMPACTS launched


Winter Organic Cereals event

23 November 2017

ORC Intercropping Workshop at Rushall Organics (nr Pewsey, Wiltshire) as part of our winter combinable crops events to share ideas and explore approaches to intercropping, and diverse cereal production and use. Contact: diversify@organicresearchcentre.com
More information to follow.

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