19 January 2021
Intercropping for sustainability

Two-day Conference with AAB, DIVERSify and ReMIX at Reading University

6 September 2021
Organic World Congress 2021

New date! Postponed from September 2020

30 July 2020
ORC welcomes the National Food Strategy

The first major reviewof our food system in 75 years

24 July 2020
The future of organic farming and the environment

All to play for if full benefits of organic farming for wildlife, the environment and health are to be realised

29 April 2020
Tim Bennett is the new Chair of ORC

Former NFU president takes on chairmanship of Organic Research Centre


More information about the proceedings of some previous events can be found on our Conference proceedings page.

14 July 2020: Land sharing and sparing
OF&G and Agricology webinar

7 July 2020: OF&G National Organic Combinable Crops 2020
Know your soils and know your sales: organic min-till and non-organic no-till webinar

6 July 2020: Organic Farm Knowledge webinar
Help improve the platform by participating in webinar.

2 July 2020: Hedges for Pollinators and Carbon
CFE Virtual Field Day

1 July 2020: European Organic Congress 2020
Online event

23 June 2020: NFU virtual organic farm walk
Challenges of net zero

9 June 2020: Seeds and deeds
Collective plant breeding for reduced input farming

21 May 2020: Multispecies Leys
Agricology Virtual Field Day

12 May 2020: Can we graze sheep on Lucerne
Innovative Farmers webinar

7 May 2020: Intercropping in Arable Systems
Agricology Virtual Field Day

8 January 2020: Oxford Real Farming Conference 2020
to 9 January 2020

3 December 2019: Organic Innovation Days 2019
TP Organics 5th annual event in Brussels

3 December 2019: iSAGE training course and workshop
Innovations to improve sustainability in the sheep and goat sector

21 November 2019: Agroforestry event in Melton Mowbray
A Win Win for Farm productivity and the Environment

26 October 2019: Health, Harmony and Holism
Evolving biodynamic food, farming, gardening

23 October 2019: Soil nutrient management
A workshop with Mark Measures

3 October 2019: Beneficial insects in organic greenhouses
This event has been postponed until the Spring

15 August 2019: Trees and Vegetables - Northumberland
Agroforestry Innovation Network meeting

14 August 2019: Agricology Field Day: IPM and biological control
. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Biological Control - Norfolk

30 July 2019: Agricology Field Day: Talking diverse pastures
Diverse pastures: win-win for livestock health, wildlife and your pocket!

12 July 2019: Soil nutrient management
A workshop for farmers, growers, researchers and advisers

11 July 2019: Agricology Field Day: Diversity in action
Intercropping, companion cropping and cover crops

9 July 2019: Is GRASS the way forward?
Herbal leys for grazing sheep

3 July 2019: 2019 OF&G National Organic Combinable Crops
To be held in Yorkshire

2 July 2019: Trees and Livestock - Buckinghamshire
Agroforestry Innovation Network Meeting

2 July 2019: ORC Stakeholder Consultation
Please join our meeting the evening before NOCC19 at York Grounds, Yorkshire

26 June 2019: Groundswell 2019
No-till show and conference

5 June 2019: Integrating Farming and Forestry
Farm Woodland Forum annual meeting

4 June 2019: ORC Field Day
Highlights of our organic arable research presented at Sonning

24 April 2019: Arable intercropping and variety trials
Field lab meeting at Roundhill Farm, near Swindon

27 March 2019: The Wonders of Woodchip
This workshop will explore some of the many practical uses of woodchip on farms

14 March 2019: Crop diversification: DiverIMPACTS webinar
How can value chains sustain crop diversification: the example of Organic Arable

7 February 2019: Agroforestry Implementation: Dartington Estate
UK Agroforestry Network Group Meeting

31 January 2019: Soil amendments for top fruit and soil health
Free event at RHS Wisley

9 January 2019: Growing trees in grazing systems
Promise and practice of silvopasture

3 January 2019: Oxford Real Farming Conference
to 4th January 2019

15 November 2018: UK Organic Congress 2018
Going for Growth – Transforming organic food and farming in the UK

30 October 2018: Crop diversification in organic protected crops
New network to share knowledge and experience

29 October 2018: Novel breeding techniques and their implications
Threats and opportunities to UK organic food and farming sector

25 October 2018: Oak Award Dinner at Yeo Valley
ORC fundraising dinner - filling up fast

17 October 2018: What role for organic in future policy?
Debate and discussions hosted by the English Organic Forum

25 September 2018: 12th European Organic Congress
Organic on every table: Added value for farmers, consumers and society

18 September 2018: Cerere and DIVERSify meeting
Discussion on small-scale milling and baking plus intercropping

12 September 2018: Weed control and green manures
Buckwheat for couch control field lab

12 September 2018: Sourcing UK Organic Feeds for Pigs and Poultry
OK-NET ECOFEED workshop at Stoneleigh

9 August 2018: Tree and vegetables
AFINET group meeting at Wakelyns Agroforestry

18 July 2018: Agricology Field day
Join Agricology and the RAU in the field at Harnhill Innovation Fm, Cirencester

18 July 2018: Potato event - West Wales
Controlling potato blight field lab & opportunities for commercial seed potato growers

16 July 2018: Trees on farms - livestock and arable
Joint meeting of arable and livestock agroforestry groups in Notts

10 July 2018: Trees and livestock
Farm Woodland Forum Meeting 2018

3 July 2018: National Organic Combinable Crops 2018
Booking now open!

29 June 2018: Future regulation for organic farming
Producer meeting in Cirencester

28 June 2018: Regenerative Agriculture and Chromatography
Six-day course at Ragmans Farm

20 June 2018: Future regulation for organic farming
Producer meeting in Shrewsbury

13 June 2018: Wheat Landraces for Healthy Food Systems
1st International Conference, Bologna, Italy

13 June 2018: Wake up to Organic
Free Organic Breakfast!

10 June 2018: Open Farm Sunday at Sonning Farm
We will be showcasing our trials at Reading University Crops Research Unit

28 May 2018: Agroforestry as sustainable land use
EURAF 2018 CONFERENCE: Opportunity for farmers to attend

9 May 2018: Innovative Farmers Network Day 2018
Field lab news and networking, Sheepdrove Farm, Berkshire

2 May 2018: Intercropping in arable systems
Field lab meeting at Bockhanger Farms in Kent

30 April 2018: Improving the sustainability of sheep farming
Registration extended!

25 April 2018: Practical biofertiliser and fermenting
One day course at Ragmans Farm

17 April 2018: Future Farming for organic farmers
Open meeting at RAU Cirencester

11 April 2018: Cultivating diversity and food quality
DIVERSIFOOD forum with policy makers and stakeholders

27 March 2018: CFE Hedge event at Elm Farm
Make hedge management work for your business & the environment

27 March 2018: GREATsoils field day
Using green manures to optimise nitrogen availability

21 March 2018: Amendments for soil health in top fruit
GREATsoils field lab fourth meeting at Helen Browning Organics

15 March 2018: Stewarding our soil workshop
How to manage the beneficial organisms in and for your soil - Somerset

13 March 2018: Stewarding our soil workshop
How to manage the beneficial organisms in and for your soil - Devon

13 March 2018: Using Compost Tea on Crops
Innovative Farmers field lab meeting at Elm Farm

10 March 2018: Silvopastures, theory into practice
Tamar Valley Organic Group meet at Woodland Valley Farm

27 February 2018: Wonderful woodchip!
A practical one day workshop on using ramial woodchip, woodchip compost etc.

18 February 2018: Symposium on Breeding for Diversification
EUCARPIA symposium at University of Kassel, Witzenhausen, Germany

15 February 2018: Trees on arable farms
AFINET meeting - Cambridgeshire

30 January 2018: Intercropping field lab
An opportunity to develop research questions, identify synergies and determine what to trial

25 January 2018: Trees on livestock farms
AFINET meeting - Shropshire

11 January 2018: Trees and vegetables
AFINET meeting nr Tetbury

4 January 2018: Oxford Real Farming Conference 2018
Oxford Town Hall 4th & 5th January.

3 January 2018: Agricology Field Day
Mixing it up: Leys, livestock and life in the soil

4 December 2017: Managing potato blight for small growers
Innovative Farmers Field lab at Duchy Home Farm

28 November 2017: Sustainable Intensification
3-day AAB Conference at Rothamsted Research

23 November 2017: Winter Organic Cereals
Diversity in the field - the way forward?

23 November 2017: Trees On Farm
Farmers Weekly/Woodland Trust free workshop for UK arable and livestock farmers

15 November 2017: Organic Innovation Days
Incorporating OK-NET arable final conference

9 November 2017: 19th IFOAM Organic World Congress
New, Delhi, India

6 November 2017: Soil Health; A Living Perspective
Optimising Soil Management for Agricultural Productivity and Ecology

11 October 2017: STC Intercropping Workshop
Yorkshire event - save the date!

5 October 2017: LEAF Intercropping Workshop
Gloucestershire event - save the date

3 October 2017: Woodland: Making it Work for You
Management, Creation and Funding. Soil Association Scotland event

27 September 2017: ORC FABS annual event
Members event at Bradwell Grove Farm, Glos

19 September 2017: Agroforestry for growers
A practical one-day workshop on integrating trees and vegetable production

15 September 2017: Trees and livestock
A practical one-day workshop integrating trees, woodland and livest

14 September 2017: Agricology open day @ Daylesford
What could a sustainable farm look like?

12 September 2017: Assessing the health of your soil - Valefresco
GREATsoils Trial Demonstration: Warwickshire

7 September 2017: NFU Organic Forum: Horticulture open day
On-farm event hosted by Andrew Burgess, Norfolk

6 September 2017: Rijk Zwaan - Embracing the Future
Soil Association/Rijk Zwaan open day

5 September 2017: 11th European Organic Congress
Transforming food & farming – Making it Happen. Tallinn, Estonia.

29 August 2017: Assessing the health of your soil
GREATsoils Trial Demonstration: Tolhurst Organics

22 August 2017: NFU Organic Forum Dairy and Livestock open day
On-farm event hosted by John Alpe, Lancashire

26 July 2017: GREATsoils Trial Demonstration Top Fruit
Assessing the health of your soil

18 July 2017: GREATsoils field day - Lancashire
Using green manures to optimise nitrogen availability for Brassicas

17 July 2017: GREATsoils field day - Lincs
Rotation strategies across farms for soil health and fertility

12 July 2017: Wakelyns Agroforestry Open Day
The event is aimed at farmers and researchers as well as chefs, bakers and retailers

6 July 2017: National Organic Combinable Crops (NOCC) 2017
OF&G's flagship event will be held in Hampshire

28 June 2017: Allerton Project - 25th Anniversary Open Day
Agricology Field Day at the Allerton Project

23 June 2017: Practical Agroforestry in the British Isles
Farm Woodland Forum annual meeting

22 June 2017: Agroforestry 2017
Improving productivity for farmers and foresters

7 June 2017: Intercropping field day
Does intercropping provide an untapped opportunity for enhancing arable farming systems?

10 May 2017: Tree fodder: food for thought?
Does tree fodder have a role to play in today’s livestock farming in the UK?

21 March 2017: Soil Health; a living perspective
Optimising soil management for productivity

11 March 2017: BDAC soil seminar
Intensive course will include insights into soil, life, structure and chemistry

18 February 2017: Animal Herbal Medicine
RegenAg workshop in Northumberland

1 February 2017: 11th Organic Producers' Conference
Rising to the challenge: Practical organic farming solutions for an uncertain future

19 January 2017: Tree to heat
Making use of on-farm woody resources

10 January 2017: Looking at soil life
An introductory workshop on microbial life: If you can measure it, you can manage it

4 January 2017: The Oxford Real Farming Conference 2017
Gathering of the UK's sustainable and organic food and farming movements

13 December 2016: Looking at soil life
An introductory workshop on microbial life: If you can measure it, you can manage it

2 December 2016: Assessing the health of your soil
GREATsoils Trial Demo at Valefresco, Warks.

21 November 2016: Holistic Management®
An Introduction to Holistic Management with specific focus on financial and grazing pPlanning

21 November 2016: Assessing the health of your soil
GREATsoils Trial Demonstration at Tolhurst Organic

15 November 2016: Looking at soil life
An introductory workshop on microbial life: If you can measure it, you can manage it

29 September 2016: Farmer Innovation Day
Innovative Farmers' networking day at Sheepdrove

14 September 2016: Growing Innovation Day
Rijk Zwaan and Soil Association event in Somerset

2 September 2016: Convergence 2016
British Permaculture Convergence in Yorkshire

30 August 2016: Assessing the health of your soil
GREATsoils trial demo (top fruit) at Loddington Farm, Kent

7 July 2016: National Organic Combinable Crops 2016
Wimpole Hall, Cambs

6 July 2016: Soil analysis field lab
Hosted by Taylorgrown in Norfolk

28 June 2016: Agricology Open Day at Daylesford
a farm tour and gathering of partners and experts

22 June 2016: Controlling creeping thistle field lab
Innovative Farmers field lab at Sandringham Estate

9 June 2016: Livestock in low-input systems conference
SOPA and OF&G event in Cumbria

5 March 2016: Soil health; a living perspective
Optimising soil management for productivity

3 March 2016: Thinking of Going Organic?
Opportunities in Arable Farming - Oxfordshire

1 March 2016: Thinking of Going Organic?
Opportunities in Arable Farming - Cambs

26 February 2016: Timber and fuel from woods and hedges
Harvesting, processing and funding: FREE event

7 February 2016: Looking at soil life
An introductory workshop on microbial life: If you can measure it, you can manage it

27 January 2016: 10th Organic Producers' Conference
Common ground: agroecology, food sovereignty and organic farming in practice

26 January 2016: Sustainability of organic/low-input dairy
Challenges and solutions

24 January 2016: Looking at soil life
An introductory workshop on microbial life: If you can measure it, you can manage it

6 January 2016: Oxford Real Farming Conference 2016
6-7 January 2016. Save the dates!

7 December 2015: Soil health; a living perspective
Optimising soil management for productivity (Banbury)

30 November 2015: Agroforestry for growers
Now fully booked!

23 November 2015: Oats2020
Oats conference in Solihull

21 November 2015: Growing spelt and rye in the Northeast
Nafferton to host a November Information Session

21 November 2015: Soil health; a living perspective
Optimising soil management for productivity (London)

19 November 2015: Fertility-building leys and green manures
Final field lab in Leicestershire

5 November 2015: National Soil Symposium
The top 6 inches: Practical ways to build great soil

25 October 2015: Farm to Loaf Symposium
Hear Nick Fradgley talking about our unique wheat populations

1 October 2015: ORC’s Farmer and Business Supporters Group
Rescheduled from 22 September

16 September 2015: Biomass from landscape elements for local energy
TWECOM International Symposium – Belgium

8 September 2015: Designing the World We Want
12th International Permaculture Conference in London

24 August 2015: Soil structure and organic matter
Assessment and management of soil structure and organic matter

22 July 2015: Growing heritage thatching wheat varieties
Field lab at Wakelyns Agroforestry

7 July 2015: National Organic Combinable Crops 2015
View ORC trials and more at Shimpling Park Farm

2 July 2015: Organic support schemes
Workshop at Elm Farm on the new schemes plus new opportunities for organic farming

24 June 2015: Getting the most out of cover crops
IOTA is co-organising this major AAB conference

18 June 2015: UK organic arable farmer group
Meeting at Yatesbury House Farm

16 June 2015: Growing quinoa organically in the UK
Field lab at Wakelyns Agroforestry

11 June 2015: 9th European Organic Congress
Designing our future. Where does the organic movement want to be in 2030?

9 June 2015: Pioneering techniques to increase soil fertility
Workshop with Friedrich Wenz

3 June 2015: Food, Values, Fairness: BOBL final conference
This is the final event of the Food Values project, in Cardiff

1 June 2015: Cultural methods to control black grass
2nd field lab in series at Shimpling Park Farm

21 May 2015: Welsh Organic Supply Chains Conference
Highlights of the Better Organic Business Links projects, and a new organic strategy for Wales

19 May 2015: Using compost tea on crops
Field lab at Throne Farm, Hereford

18 May 2015: Farm Woodland Forum annual meeting at ORC
Bookings now closed

14 May 2015: Creeping thistle field lab
Event postponed

28 April 2015: Fertility building leys and green manures
Field lab at Tolhurst Organic

16 April 2015: Harvesting woodfuel from your farm
One day event at Wakelyns Agroforestry

15 April 2015: Obsalim field lab
How much will Obsalim® improve the results of your herd?

14 April 2015: Cultivating Innovation
How (and how not) to think about Intellectual Property in agriculture and plant science

24 March 2015: Cultural methods to control black grass
Field lab at Shimpling Park Farm

16 March 2015: Soil analysis: It’s use and interpretation
Field lab at Tolhurst Organic

3 March 2015: Sea water based nutrients for field veg
Field lab at Pollybell Farms

26 February 2015: Farm sustainability assessment
Event cancelled

25 February 2015: Organic food supply chains and the environment
Event cancelled

12 February 2015: Organic livestock husbandry and markets
Seminar fully booked

4 February 2015: Organic arable and horticultural systems
Event cancelled

3 February 2015: Farming profitably in a changing climate
Improve your farm business and reduce your carbon emissions

29 January 2015: The business of organic food production
An introductory seminar at Elm Farm

28 January 2015: Introduction to organic farming
Now merged with the seminar on 29th January

27 January 2015: All Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology
Organic food and farming – current state, potential benefits and policy opportunities

14 January 2015: Agroecology and sustainable intensification
This event is now fully subscribed

6 January 2015: 2015 Oxford Real Farming Conference
Tickets now on sale

18 December 2014: Soils and nutrition workshop
This event is fully booked

26 November 2014: ORC Organic Producers' Conference
Our popular producer-focused conference in Solihull

25 November 2014: National Soil Symposium 2014
Soil Association event precedes the ORC Organic Producers' Conference

6 November 2014: In conversation with Dan Rogerson MP
Meet the Minister

30 October 2014: Biodynamic Agri-Culture: A Matter of Life
Biodynamic conference: Stourbridge

21 October 2014: OrganicDataNetwork UK Stakeholder Meeting
Meeting at Elm Farm

16 October 2014: Nourish Conference 2014
Our Common Wealth of Food

13 October 2014: IFOAM World Congress 2014
Building Organic Bridges

11 October 2014: Symposium at Brussels Seed Festival
Let us create local markets for ecological seeds and farming in Europe

8 October 2014: Soil Association Annual Conference 2014
Transforming the way we eat, farm and care for the natural world

25 September 2014: Non-inversion tillage techniques
Field lab at Yatesbury House Farm, Wiltshire

25 September 2014: Controlling creeping thistles in crops and grass
Field lab on Sandringham Estate, Norfolk

24 September 2014: Practical sustainability assessment workshop
Sustainability assessment and carbon footprinting for dairy farmers

22 September 2014: Field Lab: Woodchip Compost
Part 3: Discussion of final results

18 September 2014: Agroecology Symposium: Rome
International Symposium on Agroecology for Food Security and Nutrition

18 September 2014: Earthworms in grassland
How to enhance earthworm populations in agricultural grasslands

16 September 2014: Fertility building leys field lab
Field lab 3 at Abbey Home Farm, Cirencester

11 September 2014: Improving the resilience of livestock systems
How trees can work for your farm

21 July 2014: Royal Welsh Show
ORC will be in the organic food and farming marquee

16 July 2014: The Prince of Wales Food & Farming Summer School
Debating solutions to the challenges facing farming

11 July 2014: Participatory plant breeding with diverse wheat
How can diverse cereal populations be used to create locally adapted ‘modern landraces’?

7 July 2014: SOLIBAM final congress
Diversity strategies for organic and low input agricultures and their food systems

1 July 2014: National Organic Cereals 2014
OF&G's farmer-focused cereals event nr Milton Keynes

19 June 2014: ORC Wakelyns Agroforestry Open Day
Seeds to trees – the value of diversity

18 June 2014: Fertility building leys field lab
Field lab 2 at Wimpole Hall Farm

11 June 2014: Cereals 2014
ORC will be at the leading technical event for the arable industry

29 May 2014: Soil Association National Livestock Event
The Soil Association and The Woodland Trust event in Gloucestershire

21 May 2014: Hazel dormouse ecology and conservation
Training day at Elm Farm

13 May 2014: Agroforestry and Biodiversity
Farm Woodland Forum annual meeting

10 April 2014: 3rd Organic Greenhouse Symposium
International Symposium in Izmir, Turkey

7 April 2014: Field Lab: Woodchip Compost
Part 2: Using woodchip compost for propagation

5 April 2014: Farm walk at Elm Farm
Looking at hedgerows and their management

3 April 2014: Fertility Building legume ley mixtures
A a farmer-led DOFF Field Lab

31 March 2014: Soil Management Seminar
Workshop for growers and gardeners, those working on land, students and apprentices

27 March 2014: Managing Hedges for Woodfuel
Practical workshop at Elm Farm

26 March 2014: Looking to the Future:
Event cancelled

14 March 2014: AGROFORESTRY: How Trees Can Work on Your Farm
A one day workshop for farmers, agricultural and forestry advisors and other land managers

26 February 2014: AGROFORESTRY: How Trees Can Work on Your Farm
Workshop for farmers, agricultural and forestry advisors and other land managers

24 February 2014: Peat-free propagation
Field lab and workshop at Tolhurst Organic Produce

19 February 2014: ORC Nutrient Budgeting Workshop
On-line booking now open!

22 January 2014: ORC 2014 Organic Producers' Conference
Intensive sustainability or sustainable intensification?

6 January 2014: Oxford Real Farming Conference
Tickets now available

18 December 2013: Rethinking Agricultural Systems in the UK
Two day conference in Oxford

16 December 2013: Training for Trainers workshop
Two day IOTA workshop

6 December 2013: True cost accounting in food & farming
Sustainable Food Trust conference

15 November 2013: Future for Organic Production in Wales
Open meeting in Haverfordwest

14 November 2013: Future for Organic Production in Wales
Open meeting in Builth Wells

13 November 2013: National Soil Symposium 2013
Two-day Soil Association event

13 November 2013: Future for Organic Production in Wales
Open meeting in Ruthin

6 November 2013: Making Europe more organic
Celebrate 10 years of IFOAM EU in Brussels

28 October 2013: Grain legumes for organic agriculture
Breeding better varieties

27 October 2013: Organic Greenhouse Horticulture
International Symposium in Avignon

17 October 2013: Trees: a valuable crop
Management and planting for livestock and arable production

10 October 2013: Soil Association conference: Giving it welly
Grassroots innovation for sustainable agriculture

9 October 2013: Soil Association conference: Good food for all
Partnership for change in schools, cities and communities

30 September 2013: IOTA 2013 annual conference
Enhancing the environmental delivery of organic farming

30 July 2013: Farming with trees
Woodland Trust/Soil Association event at Rhug estate

16 July 2013: The Prince of Wales Food & Farming Summer School
Debating solutions to the challenges facing farming

2 July 2013: National Organic Cereals 2013
The UK showcase for organic arable production

2 July 2013: IFOAM EU’s 7th European Organic Congress
Save the date!

26 June 2013: ORC Wakelyns Agroforestry Open Day
Programme published, book now!

13 June 2013: Farm Woodland Forum Meeting
Woodland Grazing theme

3 June 2013: STOAS Course 2 Part 2
Sustainability training for organic advisers and inspectors

27 May 2013: STOAS Course 1 Part 2
Informing managers/ leaders on sustainable practices and tools

25 April 2013: Community Wood Fuel Project Meeting
Come help shape the project

9 April 2013: PROSOIL/ SOLID workshop/ farm walk
Looking at soil and tackling problems

6 March 2013: Pathways to better crops
OGA Network building, knowledge-sharing meeting

26 February 2013: Organic Farm Walk
Hook House Farm, Kirkby Fleetham

13 February 2013: BioFach 2013
World Organic Trade Fair - Where organic people meet!

22 January 2013: 2013 Organic Producers' Conference
ORC's annual producer conference...

11 January 2013: Vegetable variety field lab
POSTPONED- 1st meeting of the veg variety field lab trial

11 December 2012: Stoas Course places still available
Sustainability assessment training for organic professionals

26 November 2012: IOTA Nutrient Budgeting Workshop
For Advisers, Researchers and Certifiers

21 November 2012: Woodland Trust/Soil Association event
Making trees work for livestock...

15 November 2012: Soil Association National Soil Symposium
A look at all aspects of soils for farmers and growers...

11 October 2012: ORC/SA Organic Poultry Conference
Focus on future of poultry feeding and breeding

9 October 2012: Diverse and herb based swards
Do they have a role on dairy farms?

24 September 2012: IFOAM EU Organic Days
Cyprus venue for European organic research and policy events...

20 September 2012: IOTA Agro-forestry workshop
A one day workshop for those interested in providing advice on agro-forestry systems...

10 July 2012: Multi-cropping at Wakelyns
Natural England event to explore if multi-cropping can work for you...

5 July 2012: OF&G National Organic Cereals 2012
ORC to present information on breeding, CAP reform and costs of production

28 June 2012: ORC Wakelyns Agroforestry Open Day
See the latest ORC research in progress at our Suffolk site...

15 June 2012: Two West Berkshire businesses offer event
Elm Farm venue and Rosemary & Thyme catering on show...

24 May 2012: Trees, farms and ecosystem services conference
Farm Woodland Forum meeting to explore role of farm woodlands in delivering ecosystem services...

3 May 2012: SOLID on-farm dairy research workshop
Producers invited to get involved with ideas and projects...

19 April 2012: First Solibam Stakeholder Congress
The SOLIBAM Congress is a public event designed to introduce a wide range of stakeholders to...

17 April 2012: IFOAM EU Congress: Smart change
IFOAM EU Group’s 6th European Organic to debate policy change needed for CAP.

2 March 2012: SA annual conference 2012
A celebration of innovation in food and farming today...

23 February 2012: IOTA Legume LINK event
A workshop on legume management for advisers, researchers, growers and farmers organised by IOTA

18 January 2012: 2012 Organic Producers' Conference
The 6th annual producer conference where producers meet with each other and with advisers and rese

14 December 2011: Workshop on apple agroforestry systems
Exploring the potential of integrating top fruit and arable production using agroforestry...

27 October 2011: Welsh Organic Conference - Better Business
Find out more about this year's conference in Llanelwedd

27 October 2011: Non-inversion tillage
Developing equipment, techniques and systems for organic arable farming in the UK...

17 October 2011: CertCost UK Stakeholders Workshop
A workshop to disseminate the results of the CertCost Project with particular reference to the UK

13 October 2011: Selling Organic: Building Partnerships
The upcoming conference is less than 4 weeks away. Now is the time to book your place.

1 September 2011: Sustainability E-Learning Course
Call for students interested in Sustainability and E-learning

7 August 2011: SUMMER ACADEMY 7TH – 11TH OF AUGUST 2011
Food riots vs. land of milk and honey 2.0: Ways to sustainable food security

9 July 2011: ORC Food and Craft Festival
Food festival, craft area and village fete at Elm Farm, Hamstead Marshall, Newbury

7 July 2011: National Organic Cereals 2011
Following a sucessful event last year, National Organic Cereals is back in 2011

22 June 2011: Wakelyns Agroforestry Open Day
A day out at Wakelyns Agroforestry

13 June 2011: Profitable management of clover leys
Workshop for farmers giving opportunity to discuss the management, grazing & conserving of clover.

17 May 2011: Meeting–Functional biodiversity on organic farm
A joint meeting with the Agricultural Ecology group of the British Ecological Society.

14 March 2011: Pruning of Top Fruit Orchards - Devon
A workshop to demonstrate basic pruning and management techniques

3 March 2011: Join us to make worms smile - Devon
How can farmers enhance soil life? Will improved management of the soil ecosystem benefit farmers?

2 March 2011: Join us to make worms smile - Cornwall
How can farmers enhance soil life? Will improved management of the soil ecosystem benefit farmers?

25 February 2011: Join us to make worms smile - Cirencester
How can farmers enhance soil life? Will improved management of the soil ecosystem benefit farmers?

18 February 2011: Join us to make worms smile - Chester
How can farmers enhance soil life? Will improved management of the soil ecosystem benefit farmers?

9 February 2011: Soil Association Annual Conference - 9/10th Feb
Join them for this public debate on how food and farming can provide a mechanism for combating...

26 January 2011: IBERS Impacts of organic farming in the uplands
The latest research results on the impacts of organic farming in the uplands will be presented at

17 January 2011: Organic Producer Conference (17th and 18th)
Supporting the best practice application of organic and ...

21 October 2010: OCW Production or Preservation Conference
Entitled Production or Preservation, Organic Centre Wales' annual conference will be back...

12 September 2010: Guided farm trail walk
We are holding a guided walk around our beautiful farm trail...

9 September 2010: Agro-forestry workshop in South Devon
This is a unique opportunity to meet with the UK leaders in agro-forestry research and practice...

17 July 2010: Organic and local food festival
Visit Elm Farm for a day of fun, food and drink!

16 July 2010: Organic open day
Join staff at ORC for a technical open day

View events that are coming up!