3 January 2019
Oxford Real Farming Conference

to 4th January 2019

28 October 2018
Our Common Ground

New progress report from the Food, Farming & Countryside Commission

26 October 2018
European Commission extends experiment on marketing populations

Marketing of cereal populations extended until 2021

2 November 2018
Future for UK organic farming debated at Congress in Rugby

'Going for Growth' is the theme of this year’s UK Organic Congress held in Rugby on 15-16 November


More information about the proceedings of some previous events can be found on our Conference proceedings page.

15 November 2018: UK Organic Congress 2018
Going for Growth – Transforming organic food and farming in the UK

30 October 2018: Crop diversification in organic protected crops
New network to share knowledge and experience

29 October 2018: Novel breeding techniques and their implications
Threats and opportunities to UK organic food and farming sector

25 October 2018: Oak Award Dinner at Yeo Valley
ORC fundraising dinner - filling up fast

17 October 2018: What role for organic in future policy?
Debate and discussions hosted by the English Organic Forum

25 September 2018: 12th European Organic Congress
Organic on every table: Added value for farmers, consumers and society

18 September 2018: Cerere and DIVERSify meeting
Discussion on small-scale milling and baking plus intercropping

12 September 2018: Weed control and green manures
Buckwheat for couch control field lab

12 September 2018: Sourcing UK Organic Feeds for Pigs and Poultry
OK-NET ECOFEED workshop at Stoneleigh

9 August 2018: Tree and vegetables
AFINET group meeting at Wakelyns Agroforestry

18 July 2018: Agricology Field day
Join Agricology and the RAU in the field at Harnhill Innovation Fm, Cirencester

18 July 2018: Potato event - West Wales
Controlling potato blight field lab & opportunities for commercial seed potato growers

16 July 2018: Trees on farms - livestock and arable
Joint meeting of arable and livestock agroforestry groups in Notts

10 July 2018: Trees and livestock
Farm Woodland Forum Meeting 2018

3 July 2018: National Organic Combinable Crops 2018
Booking now open!

29 June 2018: Future regulation for organic farming
Producer meeting in Cirencester

28 June 2018: Regenerative Agriculture and Chromatography
Six-day course at Ragmans Farm

20 June 2018: Future regulation for organic farming
Producer meeting in Shrewsbury

13 June 2018: Wheat Landraces for Healthy Food Systems
1st International Conference, Bologna, Italy

13 June 2018: Wake up to Organic
Free Organic Breakfast!

10 June 2018: Open Farm Sunday at Sonning Farm
We will be showcasing our trials at Reading University Crops Research Unit

28 May 2018: Agroforestry as sustainable land use
EURAF 2018 CONFERENCE: Opportunity for farmers to attend

9 May 2018: Innovative Farmers Network Day 2018
Field lab news and networking, Sheepdrove Farm, Berkshire

2 May 2018: Intercropping in arable systems
Field lab meeting at Bockhanger Farms in Kent

30 April 2018: Improving the sustainability of sheep farming
Registration extended!

25 April 2018: Practical biofertiliser and fermenting
One day course at Ragmans Farm

17 April 2018: Future Farming for organic farmers
Open meeting at RAU Cirencester

11 April 2018: Cultivating diversity and food quality
DIVERSIFOOD forum with policy makers and stakeholders

27 March 2018: CFE Hedge event at Elm Farm
Make hedge management work for your business & the environment

27 March 2018: GREATsoils field day
Using green manures to optimise nitrogen availability

21 March 2018: Amendments for soil health in top fruit
GREATsoils field lab fourth meeting at Helen Browning Organics

15 March 2018: Stewarding our soil workshop
How to manage the beneficial organisms in and for your soil - Somerset

13 March 2018: Stewarding our soil workshop
How to manage the beneficial organisms in and for your soil - Devon

13 March 2018: Using Compost Tea on Crops
Innovative Farmers field lab meeting at Elm Farm

10 March 2018: Silvopastures, theory into practice
Tamar Valley Organic Group meet at Woodland Valley Farm

27 February 2018: Wonderful woodchip!
A practical one day workshop on using ramial woodchip, woodchip compost etc.

18 February 2018: Symposium on Breeding for Diversification
EUCARPIA symposium at University of Kassel, Witzenhausen, Germany

15 February 2018: Trees on arable farms
AFINET meeting - Cambridgeshire

30 January 2018: Intercropping field lab
An opportunity to develop research questions, identify synergies and determine what to trial

25 January 2018: Trees on livestock farms
AFINET meeting - Shropshire

11 January 2018: Trees and vegetables
AFINET meeting nr Tetbury

4 January 2018: Oxford Real Farming Conference 2018
Oxford Town Hall 4th & 5th January.

3 January 2018: Agricology Field Day
Mixing it up: Leys, livestock and life in the soil

4 December 2017: Managing potato blight for small growers
Innovative Farmers Field lab at Duchy Home Farm

28 November 2017: Sustainable Intensification
3-day AAB Conference at Rothamsted Research

23 November 2017: Winter Organic Cereals
Diversity in the field - the way forward?

23 November 2017: Trees On Farm
Farmers Weekly/Woodland Trust free workshop for UK arable and livestock farmers

15 November 2017: Organic Innovation Days
Incorporating OK-NET arable final conference

9 November 2017: 19th IFOAM Organic World Congress
New, Delhi, India

6 November 2017: Soil Health; A Living Perspective
Optimising Soil Management for Agricultural Productivity and Ecology

11 October 2017: STC Intercropping Workshop
Yorkshire event - save the date!

5 October 2017: LEAF Intercropping Workshop
Gloucestershire event - save the date

3 October 2017: Woodland: Making it Work for You
Management, Creation and Funding. Soil Association Scotland event

27 September 2017: ORC FABS annual event
Members event at Bradwell Grove Farm, Glos

19 September 2017: Agroforestry for growers
A practical one-day workshop on integrating trees and vegetable production

15 September 2017: Trees and livestock
A practical one-day workshop integrating trees, woodland and livest

14 September 2017: Agricology open day @ Daylesford
What could a sustainable farm look like?

12 September 2017: Assessing the health of your soil - Valefresco
GREATsoils Trial Demonstration: Warwickshire

7 September 2017: NFU Organic Forum: Horticulture open day
On-farm event hosted by Andrew Burgess, Norfolk

6 September 2017: Rijk Zwaan - Embracing the Future
Soil Association/Rijk Zwaan open day

5 September 2017: 11th European Organic Congress
Transforming food & farming – Making it Happen. Tallinn, Estonia.

29 August 2017: Assessing the health of your soil
GREATsoils Trial Demonstration: Tolhurst Organics

22 August 2017: NFU Organic Forum Dairy and Livestock open day
On-farm event hosted by John Alpe, Lancashire

26 July 2017: GREATsoils Trial Demonstration Top Fruit
Assessing the health of your soil

18 July 2017: GREATsoils field day - Lancashire
Using green manures to optimise nitrogen availability for Brassicas

17 July 2017: GREATsoils field day - Lincs
Rotation strategies across farms for soil health and fertility

12 July 2017: Wakelyns Agroforestry Open Day
The event is aimed at farmers and researchers as well as chefs, bakers and retailers

6 July 2017: National Organic Combinable Crops (NOCC) 2017
OF&G's flagship event will be held in Hampshire

28 June 2017: Allerton Project - 25th Anniversary Open Day
Agricology Field Day at the Allerton Project

23 June 2017: Practical Agroforestry in the British Isles
Farm Woodland Forum annual meeting

22 June 2017: Agroforestry 2017
Improving productivity for farmers and foresters

7 June 2017: Intercropping field day
Does intercropping provide an untapped opportunity for enhancing arable farming systems?

10 May 2017: Tree fodder: food for thought?
Does tree fodder have a role to play in today’s livestock farming in the UK?

21 March 2017: Soil Health; a living perspective
Optimising soil management for productivity

11 March 2017: BDAC soil seminar
Intensive course will include insights into soil, life, structure and chemistry

18 February 2017: Animal Herbal Medicine
RegenAg workshop in Northumberland

1 February 2017: 11th Organic Producers' Conference
Rising to the challenge: Practical organic farming solutions for an uncertain future

19 January 2017: Tree to heat
Making use of on-farm woody resources

10 January 2017: Looking at soil life
An introductory workshop on microbial life: If you can measure it, you can manage it

4 January 2017: The Oxford Real Farming Conference 2017
Gathering of the UK's sustainable and organic food and farming movements

13 December 2016: Looking at soil life
An introductory workshop on microbial life: If you can measure it, you can manage it

2 December 2016: Assessing the health of your soil
GREATsoils Trial Demo at Valefresco, Warks.

21 November 2016: Holistic Management®
An Introduction to Holistic Management with specific focus on financial and grazing pPlanning

21 November 2016: Assessing the health of your soil
GREATsoils Trial Demonstration at Tolhurst Organic

15 November 2016: Looking at soil life
An introductory workshop on microbial life: If you can measure it, you can manage it

29 September 2016: Farmer Innovation Day
Innovative Farmers' networking day at Sheepdrove

14 September 2016: Growing Innovation Day
Rijk Zwaan and Soil Association event in Somerset

2 September 2016: Convergence 2016
British Permaculture Convergence in Yorkshire

30 August 2016: Assessing the health of your soil
GREATsoils trial demo (top fruit) at Loddington Farm, Kent

7 July 2016: National Organic Combinable Crops 2016
Wimpole Hall, Cambs

6 July 2016: Soil analysis field lab
Hosted by Taylorgrown in Norfolk

28 June 2016: Agricology Open Day at Daylesford
a farm tour and gathering of partners and experts

22 June 2016: Controlling creeping thistle field lab
Innovative Farmers field lab at Sandringham Estate

9 June 2016: Livestock in low-input systems conference
SOPA and OF&G event in Cumbria

5 March 2016: Soil health; a living perspective
Optimising soil management for productivity

3 March 2016: Thinking of Going Organic?
Opportunities in Arable Farming - Oxfordshire

1 March 2016: Thinking of Going Organic?
Opportunities in Arable Farming - Cambs

26 February 2016: Timber and fuel from woods and hedges
Harvesting, processing and funding: FREE event

7 February 2016: Looking at soil life
An introductory workshop on microbial life: If you can measure it, you can manage it

27 January 2016: 10th Organic Producers' Conference
Common ground: agroecology, food sovereignty and organic farming in practice

26 January 2016: Sustainability of organic/low-input dairy
Challenges and solutions

24 January 2016: Looking at soil life
An introductory workshop on microbial life: If you can measure it, you can manage it

6 January 2016: Oxford Real Farming Conference 2016
6-7 January 2016. Save the dates!

7 December 2015: Soil health; a living perspective
Optimising soil management for productivity (Banbury)

30 November 2015: Agroforestry for growers
Now fully booked!

23 November 2015: Oats2020
Oats conference in Solihull

21 November 2015: Growing spelt and rye in the Northeast
Nafferton to host a November Information Session

21 November 2015: Soil health; a living perspective
Optimising soil management for productivity (London)

19 November 2015: Fertility-building leys and green manures
Final field lab in Leicestershire

5 November 2015: National Soil Symposium
The top 6 inches: Practical ways to build great soil

25 October 2015: Farm to Loaf Symposium
Hear Nick Fradgley talking about our unique wheat populations

1 October 2015: ORC’s Farmer and Business Supporters Group
Rescheduled from 22 September

16 September 2015: Biomass from landscape elements for local energy
TWECOM International Symposium – Belgium

8 September 2015: Designing the World We Want
12th International Permaculture Conference in London

24 August 2015: Soil structure and organic matter
Assessment and management of soil structure and organic matter

22 July 2015: Growing heritage thatching wheat varieties
Field lab at Wakelyns Agroforestry

7 July 2015: National Organic Combinable Crops 2015
View ORC trials and more at Shimpling Park Farm

2 July 2015: Organic support schemes
Workshop at Elm Farm on the new schemes plus new opportunities for organic farming

24 June 2015: Getting the most out of cover crops
IOTA is co-organising this major AAB conference

18 June 2015: UK organic arable farmer group
Meeting at Yatesbury House Farm

16 June 2015: Growing quinoa organically in the UK
Field lab at Wakelyns Agroforestry

11 June 2015: 9th European Organic Congress
Designing our future. Where does the organic movement want to be in 2030?

9 June 2015: Pioneering techniques to increase soil fertility
Workshop with Friedrich Wenz

3 June 2015: Food, Values, Fairness: BOBL final conference
This is the final event of the Food Values project, in Cardiff

1 June 2015: Cultural methods to control black grass
2nd field lab in series at Shimpling Park Farm

21 May 2015: Welsh Organic Supply Chains Conference
Highlights of the Better Organic Business Links projects, and a new organic strategy for Wales

19 May 2015: Using compost tea on crops
Field lab at Throne Farm, Hereford

18 May 2015: Farm Woodland Forum annual meeting at ORC
Bookings now closed

14 May 2015: Creeping thistle field lab
Event postponed

28 April 2015: Fertility building leys and green manures
Field lab at Tolhurst Organic

16 April 2015: Harvesting woodfuel from your farm
One day event at Wakelyns Agroforestry

15 April 2015: Obsalim field lab
How much will Obsalim® improve the results of your herd?

14 April 2015: Cultivating Innovation
How (and how not) to think about Intellectual Property in agriculture and plant science

24 March 2015: Cultural methods to control black grass
Field lab at Shimpling Park Farm

16 March 2015: Soil analysis: It’s use and interpretation
Field lab at Tolhurst Organic

3 March 2015: Sea water based nutrients for field veg
Field lab at Pollybell Farms

26 February 2015: Farm sustainability assessment
Event cancelled

25 February 2015: Organic food supply chains and the environment
Event cancelled

12 February 2015: Organic livestock husbandry and markets
Seminar fully booked

4 February 2015: Organic arable and horticultural systems
Event cancelled

3 February 2015: Farming profitably in a changing climate
Improve your farm business and reduce your carbon emissions

29 January 2015: The business of organic food production
An introductory seminar at Elm Farm

28 January 2015: Introduction to organic farming
Now merged with the seminar on 29th January

27 January 2015: All Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology
Organic food and farming – current state, potential benefits and policy opportunities

14 January 2015: Agroecology and sustainable intensification
This event is now fully subscribed

6 January 2015: 2015 Oxford Real Farming Conference
Tickets now on sale

18 December 2014: Soils and nutrition workshop
This event is fully booked

26 November 2014: ORC Organic Producers' Conference
Our popular producer-focused conference in Solihull

25 November 2014: National Soil Symposium 2014
Soil Association event precedes the ORC Organic Producers' Conference

6 November 2014: In conversation with Dan Rogerson MP
Meet the Minister

30 October 2014: Biodynamic Agri-Culture: A Matter of Life
Biodynamic conference: Stourbridge

21 October 2014: OrganicDataNetwork UK Stakeholder Meeting
Meeting at Elm Farm

16 October 2014: Nourish Conference 2014
Our Common Wealth of Food

13 October 2014: IFOAM World Congress 2014
Building Organic Bridges

11 October 2014: Symposium at Brussels Seed Festival
Let us create local markets for ecological seeds and farming in Europe

8 October 2014: Soil Association Annual Conference 2014
Transforming the way we eat, farm and care for the natural world

25 September 2014: Non-inversion tillage techniques
Field lab at Yatesbury House Farm, Wiltshire

25 September 2014: Controlling creeping thistles in crops and grass
Field lab on Sandringham Estate, Norfolk

24 September 2014: Practical sustainability assessment workshop
Sustainability assessment and carbon footprinting for dairy farmers

22 September 2014: Field Lab: Woodchip Compost
Part 3: Discussion of final results

18 September 2014: Agroecology Symposium: Rome
International Symposium on Agroecology for Food Security and Nutrition

18 September 2014: Earthworms in grassland
How to enhance earthworm populations in agricultural grasslands

16 September 2014: Fertility building leys field lab
Field lab 3 at Abbey Home Farm, Cirencester

11 September 2014: Improving the resilience of livestock systems
How trees can work for your farm

21 July 2014: Royal Welsh Show
ORC will be in the organic food and farming marquee

16 July 2014: The Prince of Wales Food & Farming Summer School
Debating solutions to the challenges facing farming

11 July 2014: Participatory plant breeding with diverse wheat
How can diverse cereal populations be used to create locally adapted ‘modern landraces’?

7 July 2014: SOLIBAM final congress
Diversity strategies for organic and low input agricultures and their food systems

1 July 2014: National Organic Cereals 2014
OF&G's farmer-focused cereals event nr Milton Keynes

19 June 2014: ORC Wakelyns Agroforestry Open Day
Seeds to trees – the value of diversity

18 June 2014: Fertility building leys field lab
Field lab 2 at Wimpole Hall Farm

11 June 2014: Cereals 2014
ORC will be at the leading technical event for the arable industry

29 May 2014: Soil Association National Livestock Event
The Soil Association and The Woodland Trust event in Gloucestershire

21 May 2014: Hazel dormouse ecology and conservation
Training day at Elm Farm

13 May 2014: Agroforestry and Biodiversity
Farm Woodland Forum annual meeting

10 April 2014: 3rd Organic Greenhouse Symposium
International Symposium in Izmir, Turkey

7 April 2014: Field Lab: Woodchip Compost
Part 2: Using woodchip compost for propagation

5 April 2014: Farm walk at Elm Farm
Looking at hedgerows and their management

3 April 2014: Fertility Building legume ley mixtures
A a farmer-led DOFF Field Lab

31 March 2014: Soil Management Seminar
Workshop for growers and gardeners, those working on land, students and apprentices

27 March 2014: Managing Hedges for Woodfuel
Practical workshop at Elm Farm

26 March 2014: Looking to the Future:
Event cancelled

14 March 2014: AGROFORESTRY: How Trees Can Work on Your Farm
A one day workshop for farmers, agricultural and forestry advisors and other land managers

26 February 2014: AGROFORESTRY: How Trees Can Work on Your Farm
Workshop for farmers, agricultural and forestry advisors and other land managers

24 February 2014: Peat-free propagation
Field lab and workshop at Tolhurst Organic Produce

19 February 2014: ORC Nutrient Budgeting Workshop
On-line booking now open!

22 January 2014: ORC 2014 Organic Producers' Conference
Intensive sustainability or sustainable intensification?

6 January 2014: Oxford Real Farming Conference
Tickets now available

18 December 2013: Rethinking Agricultural Systems in the UK
Two day conference in Oxford

16 December 2013: Training for Trainers workshop
Two day IOTA workshop

6 December 2013: True cost accounting in food & farming
Sustainable Food Trust conference

15 November 2013: Future for Organic Production in Wales
Open meeting in Haverfordwest

14 November 2013: Future for Organic Production in Wales
Open meeting in Builth Wells

13 November 2013: National Soil Symposium 2013
Two-day Soil Association event

13 November 2013: Future for Organic Production in Wales
Open meeting in Ruthin

6 November 2013: Making Europe more organic
Celebrate 10 years of IFOAM EU in Brussels

28 October 2013: Grain legumes for organic agriculture
Breeding better varieties

27 October 2013: Organic Greenhouse Horticulture
International Symposium in Avignon

17 October 2013: Trees: a valuable crop
Management and planting for livestock and arable production

10 October 2013: Soil Association conference: Giving it welly
Grassroots innovation for sustainable agriculture

9 October 2013: Soil Association conference: Good food for all
Partnership for change in schools, cities and communities

30 September 2013: IOTA 2013 annual conference
Enhancing the environmental delivery of organic farming

30 July 2013: Farming with trees
Woodland Trust/Soil Association event at Rhug estate

16 July 2013: The Prince of Wales Food & Farming Summer School
Debating solutions to the challenges facing farming

2 July 2013: National Organic Cereals 2013
The UK showcase for organic arable production

2 July 2013: IFOAM EU’s 7th European Organic Congress
Save the date!

26 June 2013: ORC Wakelyns Agroforestry Open Day
Programme published, book now!

13 June 2013: Farm Woodland Forum Meeting
Woodland Grazing theme

3 June 2013: STOAS Course 2 Part 2
Sustainability training for organic advisers and inspectors

27 May 2013: STOAS Course 1 Part 2
Informing managers/ leaders on sustainable practices and tools

25 April 2013: Community Wood Fuel Project Meeting
Come help shape the project

9 April 2013: PROSOIL/ SOLID workshop/ farm walk
Looking at soil and tackling problems

6 March 2013: Pathways to better crops
OGA Network building, knowledge-sharing meeting

26 February 2013: Organic Farm Walk
Hook House Farm, Kirkby Fleetham

13 February 2013: BioFach 2013
World Organic Trade Fair - Where organic people meet!

22 January 2013: 2013 Organic Producers' Conference
ORC's annual producer conference...

11 January 2013: Vegetable variety field lab
POSTPONED- 1st meeting of the veg variety field lab trial

11 December 2012: Stoas Course places still available
Sustainability assessment training for organic professionals

26 November 2012: IOTA Nutrient Budgeting Workshop
For Advisers, Researchers and Certifiers

21 November 2012: Woodland Trust/Soil Association event
Making trees work for livestock...

15 November 2012: Soil Association National Soil Symposium
A look at all aspects of soils for farmers and growers...

11 October 2012: ORC/SA Organic Poultry Conference
Focus on future of poultry feeding and breeding

9 October 2012: Diverse and herb based swards
Do they have a role on dairy farms?

24 September 2012: IFOAM EU Organic Days
Cyprus venue for European organic research and policy events...

20 September 2012: IOTA Agro-forestry workshop
A one day workshop for those interested in providing advice on agro-forestry systems...

10 July 2012: Multi-cropping at Wakelyns
Natural England event to explore if multi-cropping can work for you...

5 July 2012: OF&G National Organic Cereals 2012
ORC to present information on breeding, CAP reform and costs of production

28 June 2012: ORC Wakelyns Agroforestry Open Day
See the latest ORC research in progress at our Suffolk site...

15 June 2012: Two West Berkshire businesses offer event
Elm Farm venue and Rosemary & Thyme catering on show...

24 May 2012: Trees, farms and ecosystem services conference
Farm Woodland Forum meeting to explore role of farm woodlands in delivering ecosystem services...

3 May 2012: SOLID on-farm dairy research workshop
Producers invited to get involved with ideas and projects...

19 April 2012: First Solibam Stakeholder Congress
The SOLIBAM Congress is a public event designed to introduce a wide range of stakeholders to...

17 April 2012: IFOAM EU Congress: Smart change
IFOAM EU Group’s 6th European Organic to debate policy change needed for CAP.

2 March 2012: SA annual conference 2012
A celebration of innovation in food and farming today...

23 February 2012: IOTA Legume LINK event
A workshop on legume management for advisers, researchers, growers and farmers organised by IOTA

18 January 2012: 2012 Organic Producers' Conference
The 6th annual producer conference where producers meet with each other and with advisers and rese

14 December 2011: Workshop on apple agroforestry systems
Exploring the potential of integrating top fruit and arable production using agroforestry...

27 October 2011: Welsh Organic Conference - Better Business
Find out more about this year's conference in Llanelwedd

27 October 2011: Non-inversion tillage
Developing equipment, techniques and systems for organic arable farming in the UK...

17 October 2011: CertCost UK Stakeholders Workshop
A workshop to disseminate the results of the CertCost Project with particular reference to the UK

13 October 2011: Selling Organic: Building Partnerships
The upcoming conference is less than 4 weeks away. Now is the time to book your place.

1 September 2011: Sustainability E-Learning Course
Call for students interested in Sustainability and E-learning

7 August 2011: SUMMER ACADEMY 7TH – 11TH OF AUGUST 2011
Food riots vs. land of milk and honey 2.0: Ways to sustainable food security

9 July 2011: ORC Food and Craft Festival
Food festival, craft area and village fete at Elm Farm, Hamstead Marshall, Newbury

7 July 2011: National Organic Cereals 2011
Following a sucessful event last year, National Organic Cereals is back in 2011

22 June 2011: Wakelyns Agroforestry Open Day
A day out at Wakelyns Agroforestry

13 June 2011: Profitable management of clover leys
Workshop for farmers giving opportunity to discuss the management, grazing & conserving of clover.

17 May 2011: Meeting–Functional biodiversity on organic farm
A joint meeting with the Agricultural Ecology group of the British Ecological Society.

14 March 2011: Pruning of Top Fruit Orchards - Devon
A workshop to demonstrate basic pruning and management techniques

3 March 2011: Join us to make worms smile - Devon
How can farmers enhance soil life? Will improved management of the soil ecosystem benefit farmers?

2 March 2011: Join us to make worms smile - Cornwall
How can farmers enhance soil life? Will improved management of the soil ecosystem benefit farmers?

25 February 2011: Join us to make worms smile - Cirencester
How can farmers enhance soil life? Will improved management of the soil ecosystem benefit farmers?

18 February 2011: Join us to make worms smile - Chester
How can farmers enhance soil life? Will improved management of the soil ecosystem benefit farmers?

9 February 2011: Soil Association Annual Conference - 9/10th Feb
Join them for this public debate on how food and farming can provide a mechanism for combating...

26 January 2011: IBERS Impacts of organic farming in the uplands
The latest research results on the impacts of organic farming in the uplands will be presented at

17 January 2011: Organic Producer Conference (17th and 18th)
Supporting the best practice application of organic and ...

21 October 2010: OCW Production or Preservation Conference
Entitled Production or Preservation, Organic Centre Wales' annual conference will be back...

12 September 2010: Guided farm trail walk
We are holding a guided walk around our beautiful farm trail...

9 September 2010: Agro-forestry workshop in South Devon
This is a unique opportunity to meet with the UK leaders in agro-forestry research and practice...

17 July 2010: Organic and local food festival
Visit Elm Farm for a day of fun, food and drink!

16 July 2010: Organic open day
Join staff at ORC for a technical open day

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