Can you help support our development and new projects in 2018?

The most valuable form of financial support we can receive is an unrestricted donation. This enables us to direct resources flexibly and to maximise our opportunities. We need at least £150,000 unrestricted or core funds every year but we also need to build our reserves to be able to benefit the organic community in years to come. That sounds like a lot but every penny really does count! if you’d like to restrict your donation for something specific, please get in touch to discuss how you can do this

If you would prefer to pay by bank transfer please email

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Why we need your help

Here are just a few of the things we’d like your help with in 2018 and 2019:

  • Handbooks and guides. The more that we can get our know-how into the hands of the people who can put it to use, the more impact we can make in the world.
  • Policy advocacy. ORC will speak up for the things that you believe in and make real change in the right places.
  • Farmhouse Refurbishment Planning. We need around £10,000 for architectural and planning work and to prepare a prospectus for the refurbishment project ahead, which will turn Elm Farm House in to a state of the art training centre.
  • Building on existing research. We have research and development projects planned and need your help to be able to take them forward. Every penny you give can help us to do just that.
  • Training and bursaries. Students and farmers from all over Europe and the UK come to Elm Farm. What they learn here inspires others and builds the organic communities knowledge, across the world.
  • Conservation work at Elm Farm We’d need to use local volunteers and increase staff resource to make the most of the many mixed-use areas on the farm including the walking trails and growing agroforestry systems here at Elm Farm.

Supporting the Organic Research Centre

The Organic Research Centre delivers work in eight programme areas, and each of these requires donations in order to progress. As a charity we also require funding for the facilities and resources to underpin each of the eight programme areas. Please click here or below to see details of work that you can support in each of these programme areas.

The most valuable thing a supporter can do for ORC is to make a £5,000+ unrestricted donation, and in doing so joining our exclusive group of Organic Ambassadors. Please click here to read more about donating at Organic Ambassador level.

Further details on any of these projects can be provided on request – please email

If you would like to see how donations to the Charity have been used previously, please see our annual reports.

Join ORC Farmer and Business Supporters’ Group

In return for a commitment to a regular donation to support our work, the new Farmer and Business Supporters’ Group provides an opportunity for us to say thank you for your support and to give you something back, including an opportunity to have a say in, and get involved with, our future activities. You can find more information about the group here.

Become a Friend of ORC

While one-off donations are always very welcome, a regular monthly or annual donation provides us with increased security of income and allows us to provide you some benefits in return. By becoming a Friend you will receive the ORC Bulletin, additional information on our activities, free ORC publications, discounts on or free access to events and invitations to Friends-only events.

You can become a Friend by completing the Standing Order Mandate, available from, and making a regular donation. (For fraud prevention reasons we regret that we are not able to make the Standing Order Mandate available on-line.)

Please make your contribution as generous as you can – If you can afford £10/month or £100 per year or more, this would really help us make progress. But in view of the services provided in return, we do ask for the following minimum donations from Friends:

  • Individual annual donation – £75 minimum
  • Charities/NGO annual donation – £150 minimum
  • Corporate annual donation – £250 minimum

As with one-off donations, you can Gift Aid your regular Friend donations using the Standing Order Mandate form, increasing their value to us by 25%.

Leaving a legacy

By including us in your Will or adding a Codicil (PDF 378KB), you will be enabling us to continue to develop our work and activities well into the future. As we are a charity, all legacies to ORC are free from inheritance tax.

You can find further information on legacy donation from your solicitor or by visiting legacy giving sites such as

We may not be registered as a member with these sites, but you can find full details about us on the Charity Commission website You or your solicitor will need to use the formal charity name Progressive Farming Trust Ltd or our Registered Charity number 281276 to find us there.

Donating shares

The option to donate shares to a charity applies to many listed shares and unit and investment trusts. As a charitable donation this is normally free of capital gains tax. To be sure of the current tax implications, you should check with your financial advisor or HMRC.