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Elm Farm Research Centre was one of the first UK organisations to publish technical information on organic farming and conversion to organic farming. In the 1980s there was very little published information of practical use to those farmers and growers who wished to convert. As the Organic Research Centre we continue to publish relevant and useful information such the Organic Farm Management Handbook, the ORC Bulletin and a number of published reports and guides.

Today there is a wealth of published information in the form of periodicals, books and technical guides and a selection is shown below:


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  • ORC Bulletin Quarterly research updates and regular technical, management and financial information for producers. Organic Research Centre – Elm Farm.
  • Biological Agriculture and Horticulture A scientific journal on every aspect of organic farming. AB Academic Publishers, PO Box 97, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2PX.
  • Clover Quarterly Magazine of the Organic Trust, Dublin.
  • Ecology and Farming English language bulletin of international news and research reports on organic farming. IFOAM.
  • Organic Farming A technical quarterly magazine for producers. Soil Association.
  • Organic Matters Bi-monthly newsletter on organic farming in Ireland. Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association.
  • Soil Association Certification News Bi-monthly newsletter for all Soil Association certified producers. Regular updates on production standards issues. Market contacts service.
  • SOPA newsletter: Two monthly newsletter for SOPA members and other interested parties. Scottish Organic Producers Association.
  • Star and Furrow Twice yearly journal for the Biodynamic Agricultural Association.
  • Technical Bulletin. A quarterly update from the Organic Studies Centre, Duchy College,
  • The Organic Grower Magazine of the Organic Growers Alliance.
  • The Organic Way A quarterly newsletter on organic gardening. Garden Organic (HDRA).


  • Blair, R. (2008) Nutrition and Feeding of Organic Poultry. CABI, Wallingford.
  • Blair, R. (2011) Nutrition and Feeding of Organic Cattle. CABI, Wallingford.
  • Briggs, S. (2008) Organic Cereal and Pulse Production. Crowood Press, Ramsbury.
  • Cubison, S. (2009) Organic Fruit and Viticulture. Crowood Press, Ramsbury.
  • Davies, G.; Turner, B. & Bond, B. (2011) Weed Management for Organic Farmers, Growers and Smallholders. Crowood Press, Ramsbury
  • Davies, G. & Lennartson, M. (2006) Organic Vegetable Production. Crowood Press, Ramsbury.
  • Hall, J. and Tolhurst, I. (2006) Growing Green – Organic techniques for a sustainable future. Vegan Organic Network
  • Halpin, D.; G Lawrence, S Lockie, K Lyons (2006) Going Organic. CABI, Wallingford.
  • Kristiansen, P., J Reganold, A Taji (2006) Organic Agriculture. CABI, Wallingford.
  • Lampkin, N H. (2002) Organic Farming. Old Pond Ipswich. (out of print)
  • Lampkin, N H & S Padel (1994) Economics of Organic Farming. CABI, Wallingford.
  • Vaarst, M., Roderick, S., Lund, V. & Lockeretz, W. (Eds.) (2004) Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Agriculture, CABI, Wallingford.
  • Younie, D.; Taylor, B. R.; Welsh, J.P. & Williamson, J.M. (2011) Organic Cereals and Pulses. Chalcombe Publications, Lincoln

Technical guides

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