Training and demonstration


ORC has a history of running technical events and conferences for farmers and growers across a range of enterprises. ORC staff have delivered specific training for a range of organisations and enterprises, and this has included both formal teaching in a university or college environment (including at SAC as well as at Reading, Bari and Barcelona Universities) and practical training in the field.

ORC can provide customised training events for individuals and groups, including producers, supply chain businesses, retailers, NGOs and government agencies. Organisations that have commissioned training include Soil Association (& SA Scotland), Organic Centre Wales, Waitrose, Glasu (a LEADER group based in Powys) and Duchy College. ORC has particular strengths and insights in technical topics relating to its research programme, as well as organic markets and business performance, organic farming policy and organic standards and European legislation. We have experience of participative training techniques and knowledge of the requirements of national qualifications.

ORC also provides a range of training opportunities for interns and students, including joint supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate projects with a range of universities.

ORC is a founding partner in the Soil Association Apprenticeship Scheme and has also provided training input. Practical training is key to improving an agricultural or horticultural enterprise but it can also be crucially important at all stages of the food chain.

If you are interested in customised courses for your staff or your organisation, please contact Tamara Schiopu.


On-farm demonstration of the principles and practice of organic farming can be an extremely effective means of disseminating useful knowledge. ORC has been involved in demonstration since its establishment in 1980. This has taken many forms over the years including a practical demonstration of the organic conversion of Elm Farm itself, the Demonstration Farm Network that spanned 2 decades from the late 80s, and the most recent initiative, the Participatory Research and Demonstration Network launched in July 2011 and became the Farmers’ Organic Research Club (FORC) in 2014.

Please see our events pages for information on current and future events.

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