7 July 2020
OF&G National Organic Combinable Crops 2020

NOCC20 will take place on John Pawsey’s Shimpling Park Farm in Suffolk

21 September 2020
Organic World Congress 2020

20th Organic World Congress in France, September 2020

26 February 2020
Organic seed and organic heterogeneous material

Proposal for a toolbox for identification and description of organic heterogeneous material

22 February 2020
Help people to bake a better future, one loaf at a time

The 11th annual international Real Bread Week runs from 22 February to 1 March

21 January 2020
Organic Research Centre starts 40th year at new headquarters

ORC is now operational from Trent Lodge in Cirencester.

Greenhouse gas emissions from grassland systems

Grassland farms are sometimes criticised for their levels of greenhouse gas emissions. How real is the problem and how easy is it to take action?
(Organised by SRUC)
Christine Watson (Scottish Rural College): Chair

Dave Roberts (SRUC): Dairy farming systems and the environment
Ross Paton (Torr Farm): Practical on-farm measures
John Kay (National Trust): Comparing the carbon footprint of different beef systems

Soil management for grassland systems

Soil quality and condition is vitally important in grassland farming. There are fewer opportunities for physical intervention compared to cropping systems but much can be done without resorting to the plough. This session will present a range of approaches to address grassland soil problems.
Mark Measures (IOTA/ORC): Chair

Heather McCalman (IBERS): PROSOIL – 2 years on
Jon Wilson (Holt Farms, Yeo Valley): Practical soil management and role of soil analysis
Elizabeth Stockdale (University of Newcastle): Supporting soil biota in grassland systems - learning from practice

Enhancing biodiversity on dairy farms

There is an increasing level of interest from dairy farmers in how to increase biodiversity levels on their farms. This session looks at trees on farms and at biodiversity in the sward, and will provide guidance on biodiversity improvement. (Organised with OMSCo and Woodland Trust)
Jo Smith (ORC): Chair

Mike Townsend (Woodland Trust): Trees on livestock farms
Henry Edmunds (Cholderton Estate)

Henry Edmunds, who won the RSPB/Telegraph Nature of Farming Award in 2012, has had to withdraw for family reasons. Aspects of his presentation and achievements will be reflected in the presentation by Gethin Davies.

Gethin Davies (RSPB): The nature of dairy farming

Pasture-fed for life

The Pasture Fed Livestock Association (PFLA) was formed to champion the virtues of pasture and to provide a distinct identity for livestock systems that are based purely and simply on pasture. This session will provide a detailed insight into what they do and why they do it. (Organised by PFLA)
Phil Stocker (National Sheep Association): Chair

John Turner (PFLA): Background to PFLA and Pasture Fed certification
Anna Bassett (PFLA): The benefits of Pasture Fed production
Dan Bull (Sheepdrove Organic Farm): Why should farmers just feed grass to their cattle and sheep!