31 July 2019
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31 July 2019
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21 March 2019
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Soil analysis field lab

6 July 2016

Soil analysis field lab hosted by Joe Rolfe, Taylorgrown in Houghton, Norfolk.

There will be coffee and tea from 9.45am, with a programme start at 10am and finish at 3.30pm. We will visit two different trial sites of the GREATsoils project, comparing various soil assessment methods in practice at Taylorgrown, as well as at Phillip Hubbert, Jepco.

We will meet to discuss:

  • The progress of the FL group with soil test comparisons, what methods you have tried out and results you received.
  • Short report on the GREATsoils project that compares various tools and methods for soil assessment (lab analysis and ‘in-field’ methods).
  • Field visit to two trial sites of the project, where soil assessment methods are compared. Demonstration of selected methods.
  • Future plans for this trial and field lab, monitoring your soils and testing further soil assessment methods to identify the most useful one for your system.

You can book your place latest by Friday, 24th June sending a short message to Anja Vieweger

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