31 July 2019
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31 July 2019
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Sourcing UK Organic Feeds for Pigs and Poultry

12 September 2018

OK-NET ECOFEED workshop hosted by Soil Association and the Organic Research Centre at Stoneleigh
Royal Agricultural Society of England & Innovation for Agriculture, Council Chamber, The Arthur Rank Centre Stoneleigh Park, CV8 2LZ
10:30 to 15:30

The UK is importing large quantities of grain and protein products, particularly soya, to supply the increasing demand for organic meat and eggs.

A number of farmers and stakeholders responded to a survey in the Spring of this year where they shared their thoughts on ways to tackle this issue. The aim of this meeting is to explore these ideas further as well as discussing other options and approaches for reducing our dependence on imported feed.

This meeting is part of The OK-NET ECOFEED Project. This is a cross European project looking at the possibility of achieving 100% organic and regional feed particularly for pigs and poultry.

This aim of this workshop is to share ideas and experiences, tackle the issues farmers are facing and find practical solutions as well as supporting the organic feed industry. The workshop is open to organic pig and poultry producers, feed suppliers and industry stakeholders. We will look at some of the options with industry specialists, as well as hearing about the potential of insect protein with Nuffield scholar Dr Aidan Leek.

For more information and to book: www.eventbrite.co.uk

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